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                  The ClipBoard

	The ClipBoard is a little personal buffer, in which you 
	temporarily (the contents will stay there only during the current
	session) can store a post, an X-message or similar.

	If you press <*>, you will get to the ClipBoard-menu. 
        Then can choose one of the following options:

		<d>elete ClipBoard	- will erase the whole ClipBoard
		<e>dit ClipBoard	- PICO-edit the ClipBoardContents
	        <m>ail ClipBoard	- You have to be validated for it!
					  this command will Email the whole
					  clipboard to your email-address.
		<r>emove colorcodes	- this command removes all color-
					  control-characters from the buffer.
					  Use it when you e<m>ail yourself.
		<s>how ClipBoard	- shows you the current contents
		<q>uit			- quit, amazingly enough! :)

	Places with the ClipBoard built in:

	*	When you enter a post without the editor, at the prompt
		where you can 
		<A>bort <C>ontinue <I>nsert Clip <P>rint...
	*	Choose <I>nsert to insert the ClipBoard at the
		current position.

	*	Pressing <c> after a post will Clip the contents
		of that post into the ClipBoard.

	*	<c> after a X in the XLog will Clip the X. 


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