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SSH/telnet access

To log in to Global Village you need a telnet program. If you are on a UNIX shell you can simply type 'ssh' or 'telnet' and you will be on your way. If you are using a Windows PC or a Macintosh, look for a ssh or a telnet program. All versions of Windows have a telnet program (albeit a bad one) by default.

If you search for a ssh/telnet-application for windows, which is able to display colors, try PuTTY

If you have a Java-enabled WWW browser, you can use our Java-Login.

Client access

The CLient is a program that greatly reduces slow BBS-response (network lag) for the user. It also reduces system load on the BBS side.
You can download one of the following CLients from these links :
- Unix Sources
- Linux binary (gzipped)
- Windows binary installer (16 bits and 32 bits) (Thanks to MyLittlePonyTail)

Web - Gateway

You can look at our Wholist or a users profile directly from your browser, without the need to log in.

Some users submitted a photo of them, which is included to their WebProfile. If you want to submit a picture as well, please click here.

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