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                   Admin of this BBS:

          SuperVisor {Armin, Fatal Error, Matthias, Mike}
          SYSOP {Gzy, Joe, Nani, Nicko, RES, Romain, Toto}
          Sysop {Ffka, Flint, Lady Harper, Luke Morris, WONU}
          RoomAide {Press @ for a list!}
          SysGuide {Press @ for a list!}

A SuperVisor is one of the 'founders' of this BBS.  He is one of the  
idea-makers and the people that decided to put up the BBS.  SuperVisors
may post with the title 'SuperVisor' and make Broadcasts.


A Sysop is one of the people that keep this BBS running. They perform day 
to day administrative tasks, such as appointing new RoomAides, installing new 
SysGuides, and making announcements about topics that concern all users.
Sysops may post with the title 'Sysop' and make Broadcast's. 


A RoomAide deals with the day-to-day administration of his/her Room.  They 
create the Roominfo, enforce the rules, try to keep the room scrolling, 
and make sure that posts stay on topic.  RoomAides have the option to kick 
people out of his/her Room.  However, you can not be kicked out without a good 
reason.  If you object to being kicked and have good arguments, you can always
<Y>ell to the Admin.


 SysGuides are users on the BBS who know how the system works.  If you press 
 <Q>, you will send a 'Question' (which is like an eXpress-message) to
 one of our SysGuides if one is on.  You will keep the same guide as long as   
 s/he doesn't turn off his/her SysGuide-flag, or one of you logs off.
 You see who is SysGuide by looking at the <w>holist; a SysGuide has a little 
 %-sign next to his/her name.  The SysGuide will answer your question with <v>.
 If they don't know the answer, they might redirect you to a Room or tell 
 you to <Y>ell to one of the Sysops or SuperVisors.    :>


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