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                   How do I use colors here on GlobalBBS?!?!?!?!?

	When you want to use a color in your Doing or in a post, you need to 
	use the Color-control-character: <Ctrl-A> + the colorcharacter.

	You must have a TerminalType that can handle ANSI-colors too.  Press
	<c><c><1> to see if you get any colors on the screen: if you get a lot 
	of stuff like ^[[31;0m on your screen, your termtype cannot handle 
	colors.  Sorry.  :(  (press <c> <t> <n> asap to get your screen back to 
	normal).  You might also need to change your termtype with <c><t>.

	So if you, for example, want to change your doing to a yellow text on a 
	red background that looks like "Hello!", you need to do the following:
	(type only the letters inside of the <>'s)

	press <c>onfig <d>oing <y>es <Ctrl-A> (note that nothing seems to
	happen) <y>yellow <Ctrl-A> <R>ed "Hello!".  Now look at the 
        wholist and see that it worked!  :>

^Ad means dark   textcolor.		^AD means dark   background.
^Ar means red    textcolor.		^AR means Rred   background.
^Ag means green  textcolor.		^AG means green  background.
^Ay means yellow textcolor.		^AY means yellow background.
^Ab means blue   textcolor.		^AB means blue   background.
^Ap means pink   textcolor.		^AP means pink   background.
^Ac means cyan   textcolor.		^AC means cyan   background.
^Aw means white  textcolor.		^AW means white  background.

	That's not all, though. :>
		There are also extra attributes:

			^Aa means default attribute (normal)
			^Af means intense color
			^Au means underlined
			^Ae means blink
			^Ai means inverse


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