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                       C U B E S  Game

This game is an important aspect of our BBS.  A huge THANK YOU goes to Mike who
spent two weeks of his spare time programming this game.  Copying of the CUBES 
game is strictly forbidden and can only be done in agreement with Mike.  
Any resemblance to fictional characters or living persons is purely intentional.  :>

Here is a short explanation:

What does CUBES mean?
_C_urrency _U_nit in _B_BS and _E_xchange of _S_tocks

You get 2 CUBES for every login, 1 CUBE per X-message and 1-10 CUBES per post
in a room (1-10 because the Sysops can set the value, how many CUBES you get
for your posts, for every single room)

NOTE: We do _NOT_ allow spamming ANY room in order to gain huge amounts of
CUBES.  This INCLUDES babble.  Spamming is annoying and it defeats the purpose
of handing out CUBES for posts in the rooms as a reward for being active on
the BBS.  If you DO decide to ignore this and spam rooms, the punishment is
resetting your CUBES to _ZERO_ including CUBES in stocks and in the bank.  This 
may sound harsh, but if you play fair you won't have any problem with this rule.

Furthermore you can gain money by giving a certain amount (it's up to you)
to the bank.  The amount will be blocked for a month.  After the expiration 
of 30 days, you'll get the money plus accumulated interest on your account.

The next possibility is to buy stocks with your money.  The stock prices are
updated daily and are real stocks with real prices from the international
stock exchange.

Another method to gain money, but undoubtly the most risky one, is to attempt
a bank robbery.  You can get between 1000 and 10000 CUBES, depending on the
amount of money on the bank.  Here is how it works; success is based on the
fixed number 67. You are given a random number between 1 and 100. If your
number is less than 67, you are caught by the police and you lose all the
money on your account that is not in the bank or in stocks. If your random
number is between 67 and 100, have been lucky and get the amount of money
currently in the bank's safe.  Thus, due to the fixed number idea, the 
possibility of being caught is always 67%.

Here you can see a short list of the game's hotkeys:

         <SHIFT>-<M> - get to the money-menu
         <SHIFT>-<T> - get your money-status
         <SHIFT>-<I> - get the stock-information
         <SHIFT>-<H> - hand over CUBES to someone
The money-menu: <SHIFT><M>

        <h> - hand over CUBES
        <l> - Highscorelist
        <t> - your money-status
        <r> - Bank robbery
        <b> - Bank biz
        <e> - Stock Exchange
        <p> - go for a shop
        <i> - stock-information

The Global Village BBS Team wishes you luck. 
Try to play _FAIR_.  It's NOT hard, and you'll NEVER have problems with
any of the administration.  :>


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