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IRC means Internet Relay Chat.

IRC is a CB-like interactive discussion environment.  It is
structured into channels, which are public discussion forums and 
also allows for private intercommunication.  Each participant 
has a nickname, which normally is their bbs name.

In case of a nickname collision (which means that someone else
has chosen the same nickname before), the user is prompted for
another nickname.

Once invoked, IRC connects as a client to an IRC server.
For this bbs the IRC server is located in Linz, Austria.
Normally there are at least a thousand channels available
with people talking from all over the world.  A lot of IRC
servers are connected with each other, so even people using
IRC servers located elsewhere can join the discussion.

Once connected, the screen splits into a dialogue window -
which is the major part of the screen - and a command line,
from which messages can be sent and commands given to control

The syntax of IRC commands is in the form /COMMAND.  Please
note that all commands must to start with a slash "/".
The channel syntax is usually of the form #CHANNEL, so that
every channel name starts with a "#".  Note that channel
names are case sensitive.

The most important IRC commands:

With the key's <m><i> you can enter the "IRC" net.

All IRC commands start with a forward slash (/).
If you are a new user, type /help intro and /help newuser.
Type /help to get the big helpmenu.
Type /join #channel, to join a channel e.g. /join #helpt
To type something over a channel, do not put the / in front of it.
Type /leave #channel, to leave a channel e.g. /leave #help.
Type /list or /names to see the current channels on IRC.
Type /msg nick message, to talk to a person, e.g. /msg Mmmm Hi!
Type /nick newnick, to make your new nickname.
To get rid of excessive join/leave/mode messages, type /load silent.
Type /quit to quit, /help for help on commands, /intro for this info.

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