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		The rooms at Global Village can have a name of up to 39 
        characters. There are four types of Room's:

		Public Rooms        - in which all users are allowed.
		Private Rooms       - where only invited users are allowed.
		Passworded Rooms    - you need to know the passwd to enter.
		Guessname Rooms     - where only the users who know that 
                                      the Room exists, are allowed.

There are also some other things that the RoomAides or the Sysops
can change in a Room: the Room may allow Anonymous posts, instead of showing 
the posts as written by you, all users will see either "*****" or 
"*Anonymous*" - depending on if the Room is Anonymous-only, or if you 
can choose if you want to post as anonymous or not. The Sysops and 
the RoomAide can see who has written the post, however.

Subjectlines are also a thing that the RoomAide or the Sysops 
can decide whether to have or not: if the subjectlines are allowed, you
will get a Subjectline at every post in which you can enter the subject of 
your post. The subjectlines are also user when <r>eplying to a post.

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