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SysGuide are users of the BBS who know how the BBS works. 
If you press<Q> you'll send a  "Question"
(that is like a X-message) to a Sysguide, if s/he is online.

You will keep your SysGuide as long as s/he doesn't turn off his/her SysGuide
flag, or you or s/he logs off.

You see who is SysGuide by looking at the <w>holist; a SysGuide has 
a little %-sign next to his / her name.

The SysGuide will answer your question with <v> (which will override 
disabled X's if necessary) and if they don't know the answer to your question, 
they might redirect you to a Room or to <y>ell to the Sysop.

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