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	The command <w> will show you the Wholist, the list of users currently
	online.  It also shows the hosts that the users are calling from,  the
	Time that the users has been online and the Doing of the users.
	The Doing is a little field that every user can change after their own
	feeling / mood / whatever.
	If you see a red name,  it means that that user is  a SuperVisor here; 
	s/he is the programmer of the BBS. The SuperVisors can do anything they 
	want, since they are the Powers That Be on the BBS.
	If you see a pink name, it means that that user is a Sysop here;  s/he
	is a user with higher priviledges and takes care of BBS-Administration-

	The flags after the usernames:

	% means that the user is a SysGuide, and will be available to answer
		most of your questions concerning the BBS. Hit <Shift-Q>
		to ask a question to one of these.

	* means that the user is disabled from X'ing; you can't X him / 
		her.  Enter a message in Mail> instead to get in touch with the 

	& means that the user is in the Chatmode right now: hit <Shift-C>
		to enter it.

	# means that the user is Idle, and if s/he has been idle for more
		than 5 minutes, his / her doing-field will tell	you how long 
		idletime s/he actually has. Idling users get booted off	after
		60 minutes of idling time.
	+ means that the user is posting in a room.

	P means that the user is at the Poker-Table.

	If you see a - immediately after the flags mentioned above, it means
 	that that user is using the CLient to connect to the BBS. 

	A short resume of the flags:

		%    SysGuide
		*    X-disabled
		&    in the chat-mode
		#    Two minutes Idle
		+    Posting
		P    Poker-Player
		-    CLient-user

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