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	Command: <<>	(X-Friends-list)

  	The X-Friends-list is a list of those 40 users who always will be
	able to X you, even if you've got your X's disabled.
	Furthermore you get messages if one of those users enters Global 
	Village BBS or leaves.
	(Note: you can enable and disable to get such messages for all users)

	Furthermore you can send X-messages and mails to 'Friends'.
	In case of an X-message to 'Friends' all users who are online and 
	on your friends-list will get this message, except they disabled to 
	receive friends-x-messages.
	A mail to 'Friends' is sent to all users on your friends-x-list.


        Command: <>>    (X-Enemy-list)

        The X-Enemy-list is a list of users, from whom you don't want to
        be X'd at all.

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