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The Admin-Team

Global Village is administered by its users. The administration is a hierarchical system, giving the members of each level certain attributes.








A SuperVisor is one of the "founders" of this BBS. He is one of the idea-makers and the people that decided to put up the BBS. SuperVisors may post with the title "SuperVisor" and make broadcasts. They are allowed to execute all commands available at the BBS

SysOps / SysOps

SysOps are the helpers of the SuperVisors. They usually deal with the concerns of users like opening rooms, appointing RoomAides (RAs) and SysGuides, resolving disputes between users. They may post with the title "SysOp" and make broadcasts as well. There is a differentiation between "blue" and "pink" SysOps. "Pink" SysOps only have privileges on the "room" level, i.e. they are allowed to create, edit, and delete rooms and to appoint RAs. "Blue" Sysops, however, have also privileges on the "user" level, i.e. they may edit user information or delete users.


SysGuides are users on the BBS who know how the system works. Users can ask SysGuides whenever they encounter a problem. They have a %-sign next to their name in the <w>ho-list.


RoomAides are responsible for the administration of their room(s). They usually edit the RoomInfo, try to keep the rooms scrolling, ensure that the posts are on-topic, and may ban users from the room by kicking them.

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