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Global Village BBS Policy - Fundamentals


Every user who uses Global Village BBS commits himself to observe and follow the policy in all its items.

Among others, the Global Village BBS can be reached via telnet ( The use of Global Village BBS is free of charge. Eventually arising costs for establishing or maintaining the connection to Global Village BBS have to be beared by the user himself; the staff of Global Village BBS cannot be charged with these costs.

It is prohibited to reach, change or delete files of Global Village BBS, its program files or userdata-files by the use of illegal means, e.g. hacking.

The use of Global Village BBS takes place on the user's own risk. In no case the staff of Global Village BBS can be held responsible or be subject to indemnification. For all activities that originate in the user's account the user takes the full responsibility.


At the first login to Global Village BBS, the system requires the input of some data from the user. All information given to the system by the user, has to be entered correctly. For the correctness of this data the user takes responsibility.

In the configuration menu of Global Village BBS and at the first logon, there is the possibility to hide the data, so that it cannot be seen by other users. Sysops or Supervisors, however, can read this data at any time.

If a staff member of Global Village BBS (Sysop or SuperVisor) for some reason gets knowledge that the data entered by the user is wrong, he reserves the right to raise objections against the user, refuse admittance to Global Village BBS or delete his account.

Sysops and SuperVisors have the obligation to keep secret all data. If however, through hacking or theft of the hard disk drive, the userdata- gets to a third party, the staff of Global Village BBS can in no case take responsibility for it.

Communication in Global Village BBS

Among others, in Global Village BBS there is the possibilty to talk with another user or write texts publicly available in a room (post). If these texts seem to be inclined in a racist way, are offensive for other users, don't meet the subject in the room, or are simply publicly not welcome, then a Roomaide, Sysop and SuperVisor reserve the right to move, censor or delete the text(s).

Basic precondition for the use of Global Village BBS is furthermore the observance of the general laws of the Republic of Austria.


If a user of Global Village BBS violates these guidelines, he will be either

If a user believes that he has been punished wrongfully, he can lodge anappeal within 7 days by Yell or e-mail.

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