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Every community on earth has certain rules of behaviour. In some societies, it is offending to the host when you completely empty your plate. As if you would be saying that you didn't get enough to eat. In another society, leaving something might be considered offending as if you would say you didn't like the food.

Although Global is a society in itself, there is more to it. It is actually a mixture of several societies like the USA, France, Germany and so on. This BBS really is a Global Village. You can be sure there will be confusing contradicting 'rules' between those societies. Of course, neither one is better or worse than the other. It's just a matter of your viewpoint, your upbringing, of what you are used to. There is a common ground in the rules of all the societies, an etiquette. On the internet better known as Netiquette.

The baseline of netiquette can be put like this: 'Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you.' Sounds familiar doesn't it? When writing a post or an X to someone, ask yourself, would you say the same to the person's face? It's easy to forget seeing only characters and numbers on your screen, but those things are not Global, it is the person who composes the characters into meaningful information. Would you possibly be offending someone or calling him or her a fool when posting something? This doesn't mean you're not supposed to say what you think or feel. On the contrary, you're more than welcome to take part in discussions, serious or not so serious. Just wrap you message friendly, try no to be offensive and think of your discussion partners.

An important part of Global are the Rooms, places for discussion about everything. What is considered appropriate behaviour in one room, could be considered very offensive in another. Before you actively participate in a room just lurk (read without reacting) for a little while to get the gist of the sub society as you could call it. After you get the feeling, jump in and have fun.

Share your knowledge

Many rooms in Global act as a living knowledge base. You're free to ask a question about whatever you want to know or problem you need to solve. You will see there always someone willing to help. Don't try to be lazy though, try to find a FAQ and do some searches on the Web before you ask a question. There will come a time you are the one who is the expert and can answer a question. Be friendly and pay back the help you have received (or will receive in the future).

Respect privacy

Private conversations on Global have a tendency to be far more honest and forthcoming than in normal life. Someone might tell you about his lost love or her trouble with her parents within 3 days of first talking to you. Probably would not have happened on the 3rd day after you have met somebody. Please be sensitive with this information and keep it to yourself, do not go posting and telling everyone about it. It stands without reasons this goes even further for the admin team on Global. Above all, they must respect privacy.

At one time, you were a newbie on the internet and on Global, now you might be a veteran who is online for over 10 years. Have some patience for the ones that are newbie's now. You could even try to help them and pass on the netiquette to this new generation. Be aware that they WILL make mistakes just as you did. Don't be hard on them, but forgiving. If you think you should correct them, do it in private via an X or mail. Doing it in public will be seen as an attack.

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