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BBS is administered by users. There is a hierarchy of users in this BBS, each level of this hierarchy have special atributes :

- Supervisors
They are powerful. Supervisors are members of the BBS Project, they build the BBS, correct it, add new code, ... They can do all they want. Have a physical access to the BBS Server. Can shutdown it ! (Be sure they will never do that, except when something very bad has happend !!)

- SysOps
This level is very important. They are admining users accounts, rooms, choose new RA and SG... Have to listen to users and try to resolv conflict between us. Sysops are choosen by Supervisors.

- SysGuides
They have to guide you on the BBS. If your search about a command or feature, ... ask them, they will answer you or guide you in the BBS to the answer. Sysguides have a "%" flag on the wholist.

- RoomAides
They are admins of rooms. In their rooms, they can move or delete posts, define rules of the room. Can kick out a user if she/he causes trouble in the room.

In this BBS, you can have more than one flag : you can become RoomAide and Sysguide at the same time ! :-)

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