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X-Messages, (short name for eXpress-Messages), are messages you can send to one or more users, only if they are online at the same time. To send a X to someone, hit <x>, and enter his nickname (hit <Enter> directly if his nickname is automatically displayed). Enter the message and end this one by a blank line (hit Enter twice after message is typed). You can send this X to more than 1 user at a time, by adding a comma between names :-)

 0.Central Square> Sending an X-Message to [Matthias]: Mike, Matthias  
 #Hi Mike and Matthias ! How are you today ?
 Message received by Mike 
 Message received by Matthias 

When you're receive a X-Message, you can reply directly to this user by hitting the <v> key. (Warning ! Check the name, because if you are speaking to many users, you may receive another X exactly when hitting the <v> key !)

 0.Central Square> 
 Mike is about to send an X to you.  
 *** X-Message (#50) from Mike at 9:27 *** 
 #Hi !
 #What's new ? 
 Sending an X-Message to Mike
 Message received by Mike 

You can send in the BBS a very special X : the X Friends. You can send it by typing 'Friends' as the nickname. All users in your Friend List and are online will receive this message, only if this user have X-message enabled. If one of your friend send you a X-Friends, you will receive something like this :

 0. Central Square> 
 *** FRIENDS-X-Message (#50) from Nicolas at 9:27 *** 
 #Hi everybody !! 

QuickX are X-Messages you can send quickly... You can use this way to send quickly a X to one of your friends. For example, my friend Mike is on the slot #10. (You can edit your friend list by hitting <<>). By Hitting <1><0>, I will send a X-Message to Mike.

 0. Central Square> Send QuickX to friend nr 10  
 Sending a X-message to Mike
 #I'm working on the new web page for the BBS... 
 Message received by Mike 


A Emote is a very short message, using only one line. You can send one by hitting <;>. You will see something like this :

 * Nicolas need to reboot his computer !  


There is a list of ASCII pics available for X-message. Get the list by hitting <=>.


Only Sysops or Supervisors can send this kind of messages. This message is send to ALL users connected. This message is not send to you directly, so do not send any reply.

Others features for X-messages

You will hear a beep each time you will receive a X. You can diable (or enable) this sound by hitting <Shift-B>.
You can display your Friend-List with <c> <x> <f> or <<>.
You can display your Enemy-List with <c> <x> <e> ou <>>. All communications with this user will be disabled !
If you have to work, but with keeping a eye on the BBS, you can disable X-messages from user by hitting <Shift-X>. All users will receive a announcement if they want to send a X to you. Only your friends will be able to send you an X. You can change the reason of your choice by hitting <c> <x> <r>.
You can read history of all X-messages sent or received with <Ctrl-X> (only during this session)
If you have some problem with a user, you can use the Quoting function. All Messages from or to this user will be send to Sysops. To use this feature, hit <">.


Mail> is the second way to speak with someone. You can put a message to another user. This user will receive your message as soon as he is online, or when reading room (if he is online at this moment), because Mail is considered as a special room (room #1). Another key for sending a Mail : <m> <m>. Like X-Messages, you can send Mail> to more than 1 user, using comma between names. "Friends" is allowed too.

Warning, Mail in this BBS are not e-mail in the Internet !! They are internal, and can be read only when logged onto the BBS !


A post is like a mail>, but it can be read by everybody. Look at the rooms page to learn more about this.

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