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Here, there is a list of all available commands on the BBS

Warning ! Be careful, some commands have a different reaction when the cursor is in room mode or in normal mode !!

Syntax used here is : Keyname is reprent between < and >.

Menus commands
Key Effect
<a> Admin menu (only for RoomAides, SysOp,... )
<c> Configuration Menu (options)
<m> General Menu (information about the BBS, link to IRC,...)
<Shift-M> Money Menu (CUBES Games)
<Shift-O> Others BBSes Menu
<h> Help Menu
<?> Fast help (keys list)
<@> All admins list (Supervisors, SysOps, SysGuides, RoomAides)
General BBS commands
Key Name Effect
<w> Wholist, WL Display list of all connected users
<Shift-W> Short Wholist Short list of all connected users
<&>   CHAT users lists
<t>   Display Date and Time from the BBS Server
<p> Profile Display public data available for the specified user
<l> Logout Disconnect
<%> SysGuide Flag Disable or Enable the "Sysguide available" status flag
<*> ClipBoard Display BBS Clipboard menu
<<> FriendList, FL Show and Edit your Friends list
<>> EnemyList, EL Show and Edit your Enemy list
<Shift-T> Money Display your CUBES
<Shift-I> Stock Stock informations (CUBES Games)
<Shift-H>   Send CUBES to someone (CUBES Games)
<Shift-R> RAS Menu for connecting to others YAWC-BBS
<Shift-S> Casino Casino (CUBES Games)
<Shift-Q> Question Ask something to your SysGuide
<Shift-Y> Yell Send a message to SysOp
<Shift-F> Friends Display list of connected friends
<Ctrl-r>   Clear Screen (not work on all terminals)
X Commands
Key Name Effect
<x> X Send a X Message
<v> Reply Reply to the last received X
<;> Emote Send a Short X
<=> ASCII X Send a ASCII pic as X message
<">   Send all X received and send with a user to Sysops. Use this only if you have problem with a user.
<Shift-B> Bip Disable or Enable Beep when receiving a X
<Shift-X>   Disable or Enable X Filter (receive X only from friends or from all)
<Ctrl-v> Random X Send a X to a randomly choosen user ! :-)
<Ctrl-x> X-Log X-messages history
<xFriends X Friends Send a X-Message to all your connected Friends
Rooms Commands
Key In/Out room Name Effect
<k> Out   List of all (your) rooms
<Shift-K> Out   List all available rooms on the BBS
<Space> Out Read Read the next non read post in the current room or jump to another (non zapped) room containing a non read post.
<Space> In   Read next post or exit In Room mode if no more post to read
<b> Out   Read old posts in the current room
<b> In   Change reading direction in the room
<->n Out   Read the n last posts in this room
<#>n Out   Display the post #n
<g> Out   Go to the next room with non read posts
<i> In & Out RoomInfo, RI Informations about the room
<j> In & Out Jump Go to another room (can use full name, part name or room number)
<u> Out Ungoto Return to the previously visited room
<s> Out Skip Skip this room for now (You will go back to this room at the end)
<z> In & Out Zap Forget this room (zap !)
<!> Out   Set all post as read
<e> In & Out Post Make a post in this room (normal mode)
<Shift-E> In & Out   Make a post in this room (using BBS Edit Mode)
<r> In Reply Reply to the last Post (only if this room have subject line enabled)
<Shift-D><Shift-Y> Out Delete Remove this post (only if you are author or roomaide of this room)
ou <m> <m>
In & Out Mail Send a Mail (Internal to the BBS !) to another user

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