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The first thing you need to become a Global Village user is to create your account. Below is a sample of this procedure. It is very important...

Somes rules you have to know before starting :

Now looking to all steps of the registering process.
First point, you have to connect to the server. As soon as yu see the welcome screen here, type
New and hit Enter.

   ________.__        ___.          .__   __      _______
  /  _____/|  |   ____\_ |__ _____  |  |  \ \    / (_) | |
 /   \  ___|  |  /  _ \| __ \\__  \ |  |   \ \  / / _| | | __ _  __ _  ___
 \    \_\  \  |_(  <_> ) \_\ \/ __ \|  |__  \ \/ / | | | |/ _  |/ _  |/ _ \
  \______  /____/\____/|___  (____  /____/   \  /  | | | | (_| | (_| |  __/
         \/                \/     \/          \/   |_|_|_|\__,_|\__, |\___|
                                                                _ /  |
                                                               |____/  BBS
 Project Members:                \          Project funded by:
 Matthias    - Matthias Klaban    \         > Michael Tritthart
 Mike        - Michael Tritthart   \          (Vienna, Austria)
 Nicolas     - Nicolas Denis        \       
    This is a private and independant communication project,
    located in Vienna, Austria.         \
 Homepage:        \   E-Mail:
 If you are a new user, login as: "New" or "Neu" or "Nouveau" or "Nuevo"
 If you want to do something else, quit with "Off"
 Gimme your Nickname: New      

First question is about your main language :

 In which of the following languages should texts be displayed on your screen?
 <3>Italiano <not finished> 
 Please choose one of this languages.
 If you choose a <not finished> language, you will get some English texts,
 but as soon as this language is completed, you will get all texts in that

For English, choose the 0.

Now you have to choose your nickname. If your nickname is already in use, you will be asked for another one. In my sample, I'm choosing "Denisn"

 Please choose a Username. (no offensive one, please) 
 Username: Denisn 
 Do you really want to use 'Denisn' as your username?  

Answer Y(es) if you're sure you want to use this Nickname.

Now select any languages your understand and you can use to chat. Do not select to many languages, except if you want to look stupid because of a message you can't understand ! :-D

 Which one of these languages do u know?  
  <A( )Deutsch     <J( )Hungarian 
  <B( )English     <K( )Swedish 
  <C( )French      <L( )Serbian 
  <D( )Italian     <M( )Croatian 
  <E( )Spanish     <N( )Slovenian 
  <F( )Dutch       <O( )Latein 
  <G( )Finnish     <P( )Portuguese 
  <H( )Norwegian 
  <I( )Russian 

Now you have to make your account configuration :

 ( 1.ANSI-Colors. 
 ( 2.Expert User. 
 ( 3.See last old message. 
 (*4.Prompt after each message. 
 (*5.Pause after every screenful. 
 ( 6.Alarm clock on. 
 ( 8.Flashing color disabled. 
 ( 9.Bold color disabled. 
 ( A.Disable X's at login. 
 ( B.Clock atthe short prompt. 
 ( C.Disable the X-messae receive information. 
 ( D.Disable receiving of X-messages sent to 'Friends'. 
 ( E.Disable Profile-Lookup messages.  
 (*F.Enable language information about others users. 
 (*G.Enable detailed friends-information about others users. 
 (*H.Display gain/loss of CUBES in session during logout. 
 (*I.Display login/logout messages from ALL users. 
 (*J.Enable automatic change of Doing when idle. 

Hit the corresponding key to change an option, hit ENTER to end. To learn more about theses options, look at the Options in Config menu.

Next step : you have to choose the password you'll use when logging in...

  You should choose a password that no one will ever be able to 
  guess, so no one can abuse your account. Your password will not be 
  echoed to the screen when you type it.
 Please type in a password: ..... 
 Please enter it again for verification: ..... 

Now the rooms. At the beginning, unzapped rooms are general rooms and rooms in the language areas you have choosen before. In this menu, you can choose to unzap all rooms from anothers language areas.

  We do have rooms for many different languages. The general rooms 
  and the rooms for the languages you have choosen above are unzapped 
  for which of the following languages do you wish to have the rooms 
   ( ) 1.Deutsch 
   ( ) 2.French 
   ( ) 3.Italiano 
   ( ) 4.Espanol 
   ( ) 9.Other Language 

Selected rooms will be unzapped at your first login ! :-)

Now fill the personal data form. This data will be able to be hidden at the next step. No not fill with bad data, because Supervisors and Sysops will look at what you have filled in, and if we read bad data, your account will be disabled !!

These data are only for statistics in the server, they will never leave the server itself.

 *** Registration is requested. *** 
     Please enter the correct information here. If you skip this section, 
     you will NOT get access! You may hide your private data later. 
          Name: DENIS Nicolas 
        Adress: 12, route du val 
          Town: Rouen 
      Zip Code: 76000 
         State: France 
         Phone: +33601020304 
 Enter your full email address here 
 if you want to be validated !!
 Your adress _MUST_ be correct if you want your account to work !!! 
 E-mail address: 
 Homepage URL: 
 Date of birth: 22/03/1978 
 *** You entered the following information: 
 Name .............. DENIS Nicolas 
 Date of Birth ..... 22/03/1978 
 Adress ............ 12, route du val 
 Town .............. 76000 Rouen, France 
 Phone ............. 0601020304 
 E-mail address .... 
 Is this information correct ? (y/n) Oui  

Now, your data is entered. You can hide part of it (all of it if you want) using the following menu:

Do you want to hide your personal info? (y/n) Yes  
 You can hide the following parts of your personal info: 
 <A> ( ) Name                       <H> ( ) Usernumber
 <B> ( ) Date of birth              <I> ( ) Hostname
 <C> ( ) Address                    <J> ( ) Number of X-Messages 
 <D> ( ) Town/City                  <K> ( ) Numbr of Loginsn 
 <E> ( ) Country/State              <L> ( ) Number of Posts
 <F> ( ) Phone number               <M> ( ) Money
 <G> ( ) E-mail Address             <N> ( ) Homepage URL 
 <Z> ( ) all private data           <Enter> ok. 

Now last step :

 Your validation key has been generated. It will be sent to you by E-mail. 
 Please enter your validation number which was sent to you by E-mail. 
 You can press ENTER without entering the number but you will have limited 
 functionality until you enter the correct number. 
 Your validation number:  

At this point, you have to enter your validation number sent by E-mail. If you do not receive the email, you will be able to enter the BBS, but in a very restrictive mode (no X, no posts, can only question a sysguide and send Yell). You will be able to enter your validation number at the next login.

You have to know that a admin will have a look to your data, and (s)he will disable your account if data is wrong. By registering, you agree to respect the policy.

The last message : if you read it, your registration is now complete :

Welcome, Denisn! This is your #1 login.

Some of you can remember this nickname. This sample is build from the old nickname of Nicolas (a.k.a Nicolas DENIS).

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