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Q. I want to change my nickname. How can I do that ?

a. You have to send a Yell to Sysops. In the Yell, write the new name you want to use. Don't forget to look if the name you want to use is not already in use. Hit <p> name for checking on this. If the name is already in use, we will not be able to edit your account..

Q. I have change my email adress. How can I change it ?

A. Like Nickname changing, you have to send you new adress to Sysops by Yell. Be sure you have correctly enter your adress, in case of mistake, you will not be able to reactivate your account. Why ? Because your account is automatically disabled when email changes, the only way to re-enable it is to enter the validation number automatically send to your new email adress ! In case of trouble, you will be able to connect and to send a Yell (only feature available when disabled).

Q. Why two color for Sysop ? Blue and Pink ?

A. Blue Sysop is more powerful as Pink. Blue sysop can be called User sysop, because (s)he can edit any account in the BBS (except itself, others Blue sysops and supervisors !). Blue sysop can kick some users, disable accounts and can delete one if necessary !. Pink sysop can "only" edit any room (change name, crerate new one, delete one...)

Q. How can we become RoomAide, SysGuide or Sysop ?

A. RoomAides are choose by Sysop of a Area. To become RoomAide, ask a Sysop of the concerned area. You may send some ideas for new rooms ! All ideas are welcome.
Sysguides are choose by Sysops too, but this choice must be confirmed by the Sysguides Administrator (A Blue Sysop or a Supervisor). If you want to help user, and If you know how to use all features of the BBS, ask a Sysop of you area, (s)he will look if you can become Sysguide.
Sysops are selected by Supervisors, only when a new Sysop is needed, and using a well motivated Yell. Have to be online often to help all users and to admin rooms/users.

Another question ? Ask Sysguides (<Shift>-<Q>), they are here to answer you.

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