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BBS look'n'feel seems to be austere. Learn how to direct yourself and know where you are in this BBS...

Consider this BBS as a very big place in which many people chat directly, using eXpress-Message, surrounded by stores, in each one you can talk about a specific subject (rooms).

At any given moment, you need to know where you are, in a store or not. You will have different action in each case. To know this, you have to look at the prompt Prompt indicates to you that the server is ready to execute another query from you.

Global Village prompt can have 2 differents looks, in a room or out:

Prompt out of a room

 0. Central Square> 
 |  \____________/ 
 |         |___________ Room name
 |_____________________ Room number  

Prompt in a room

 [BlaBla (97/3)] -> 
  \____/  |/ | 
    |     |  |__ Unreaded posts 
    |     |_____ Readed posts 
    |___________ Room name

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