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Rooms are forums which look like newsgroups. Each user can send a message and read messages from others users.

Rooms are place you can use to speak about different topics according to the scope defined by the RoomAide (RoomInfo). To read the RoomInfo, hit <i> when the room name is displayed...

As sample, we will look at the RoomInfo from #150, called 'First Street', the main English room :

Room name: First Street                                RoomNo: 150
Room Area: English Spoken Rooms                        CUBES/post: 5
Languages: English ONLY 
Creator  : Matthias                                    Date: 9/4/00 15:01
Room Aide: Diana                                       No of messages:39
Dear Users!
This is the main room for the English region of the BBS.
Here you will find all important messages regarding rooms 150-249.
Your English Sysop is: Diana
Please see her for questions about this area.

Learn more about the room header :
Name Description
RoomNo ID of the room.
Room Name Room Name! Generally relative to the theme.
Will appear in different color in the prompt according to the room type :
Yellow for normal room,
Pink for room with anonymous option enable,
Red for a private room where you're invite in.
Languages Languages you can use in the room.
Go directly to the language information for a room
RoomAide User who is responsible for the room. Have to look if users are posting correctly, according to the RoomInfo and the policy.
CUBES/Post Indicate how many CUBES you can win by posting here. Defined by a Sysop.

Creator, Date Name of the author and date of the Roominfo (Generally the RoomAide).
InfoRoom The text of the Room Information. Be sure you read this before posting.

You have to read RoomInfo before posting. Be sure you post in the correct language, about the correct theme, etc... Babble is not allowed, except in Room build for that. If you forgot these rules, RoomAide can send you a warning, move or delete your post, and kick you from the room if needed (kick).

Rooms can have 100 messages. All new messages cause the oldest to be deleted.

It can happend that some people make scrooling in a room using automatic scripts: they are spammers.

They do that for deleting posts and/or winning CUBES. You have to know that CUBES are limited, maximum is 6 posts maximum per minute. Second point, Supervisors and Sysops can look at the owner of a post, even if the post is anonymous !!

Rooms under Global Village are grouped in area:

Numbers Area
0-19 General Rooms
20-99 German Rooms.
150-249 English Rooms.
250-284 Spanish Rooms.
285-329 French Rooms.
330-349 Italians Rooms.
330-389 Others languages Rooms.
390-399 Others admins Rooms.

If you're not interested in a room, you can forget (zap) this room. Hit <z> and the room will disapear for you. The only way to retrieve this room is to go to this room using the Jump <j> command.

Information about languages in a room

In the RoomInfo, you will be able to read something like this sample about languages : English MANDATORY (French optional)

Some mistakes are made in rooms (by user when posting, but by RoomAide in language definition too!), because many users do not understand what this line means. Here is an explanation for you :

There are 2 levels : languages MANDATORY and OPTIONAL. Look at theses samples :
French, English ONLY : you have to post in English AND French.
Italian, Spanish MANDATORY, English optional : You have to post in Italian AND Spanish, and you CAN add English if you want.
German, English : You can post in English OR German, or the two languages if you want.

Be careful to follow this rule when posting in a room.

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