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Configuration menu : (<c>)

 0. Central Square> Configuration: (Configuration)
 -< configuration >--------------------------------------------------------------
                [a] - address                 [o] - options
                [c] - client config           [l] - known languages
                [d] - doing                   [p] - password
                [m] - main langage            [t] - termtype
                [h] - hostname                [x] - X-Configuration
                [i] - info change             [v] - Hide profile data


To edit your postal mail adress, phone number and homepage URL. Only a Blue Sysop (User Sysop) can edit your email adress. To change mail, send a Yell to Sysops.


Only for user using a CLient - depend of the CLient itself (for example, not used for Windows CLient)


Edit the last field in the Wholist. Write here what you want. Shortcut : <Shift-D> at the prompt.

main language

Edit language used for displaying messages in the BBS.


You can edit the hostame field to personalize the wholist ! :-)


Edit with this option the personal message at the end of your profile.


 ( 1.ANSI-Colors. 
 ( 2.Expert User. 
 ( 3.See last old message. 
 (*4.Prompt after each message. 
 (*5.Pause after every screenful. 
 ( 6.Alarm clock on. 
 ( 8.Flashing color disabled. 
 ( 9.Bold color disabled. 
 ( A.Disable X's at login. 
 ( B.Clock atthe short prompt. 
 ( C.Disable the X-messae receive information. 
 ( D.Disable receiving of X-messages sent to 'Friends'. 
 ( E.Disable Profile-Lookup messages.  
 (*F.Enable language information about others users. 
 (*G.Enable detailed friends-information about others users. 
 (*H.Display gain/loss of CUBES in session during logout. 
 (*I.Display login/logout messages from ALL users. 
 (*J.Enable automatic change of Doing when idle. 

1 : ANSI-Colors : Enable or disable usage of ANSI Color Code. Uses a little bit more bandwidth, but it is useful for reading. WARNING, some terminals do not support ANSI Codes, you may have strange sequences in the text. In this case, disable this option.
2 : Expert user : Option for expert. Menus are not displayed only asking for the key !!!
3 : See last old message : Allow reading of the last read message each time a new message appears. Useful for remembering last message before reading the new one.
4 : Prompt after each message : Display prompt after each message.
5 : Pause when screenful : Stop display when screen is full to allow time to read befrore continuing to display a very long message
6 : Alarm Clock on : Enable alarm. You will receive a *DING!* at the specified time.
7 : Screenlength : Enter here the number of lines in your terminal, to put Pause in display if needed ! May be autodetected.
8 : Flashing color disabled : Don't understand this ?
9 : Bold color disabled : Don't understand too ??
A : Disabled X's at login : X are disabled automatically when logging in.
B : Clock at the short prompt : Look at this :

 0. Central Square> 
 0. Central Square(16:24)>  

C : Disable the X-Message receive information : Disable display of 'Someone is sending an X to you'
D : Disable receiving of X-Messages send to 'Friends' : You will not receive X-Friends when someone send one to you
E : Disable profile-lookup message : Disable message which inform you someone is looking at your profile
F : Enable language information about others users : When sending a X to another user, display language(s) understood by this user..
G : Enabled detailled friends-information during login : Display how namy friends are online/offline when logging in. Can be displayed manually using <Shift-F>.
H : Display gain/loss of CUBES in session during logout : Must I REAALY explain this ??
I : Display login/logout messages from ALL users : If you are curious and want to look what happend in the server...
J : Enable automatic change of doing when idle : Change your doing and display how long you're idle

known languages

Edit list of all understand languages you can use for chatting


To Edit your password. Be careful in your choice !! In case of trouble with your password, mail the supervisors at this address : Supervisors can EDIT your password (not read, only edit), to allow you a way to login.


Strange option for normal user.. do not edit this if you don't understand ! Indicate terminal type you use. autodetected in many case.


Access to a little menu for editing Friends-list, Enemy-List and X-Disabled reason.

hide profile data

Allows you to hide from others users some personal data yo enter when opening your account.

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