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Better than a simple chat, you can play alone or against others users in this BBS !

Do you know that you win money when chatting with others ?? No ? Read this.

Programmers of this BBS have build a money system inside the BBS.... No, you will not become rich here, this money is really virtual. But you can use it inside the BBS...


No connection with the tridimensionnal object in geometry, or with your old games when very young.... but if this helps your to understand this money, keep it.

In the BBS, CUBES meansCurrency Unit for BBS and Exchange of Stock. This money is everywhere in the BBS.

First part, how many CUBES you have. Hit <Shift-T>. You will look how many CUBES you have available, in bank, in stock, how many cubes gain/loss since the beginning of the month, and your CUBES player flag. This flag inform you of your status in the hierarchy of the players. Look at the significance of this flag :

Flag displayed

What it means

normal player

Your very poor ! (Sorry !)

CUBES player Upperclass

You're in the top middle

CUBES best of Five

You're in the top 20% players


You're in the top 10% !


You're in the top 10 !!


You're second or third in the hierarchy !!!

Master of CUBES

You're the best !!!!

Now learn how to win theses CUBES...

2. Log in

Easy ! You win 2 CUBES each time you connect to the BBS. One limit : CUBES are send 5 minutes after login, because some users try to become rich with login/logout...

3. Chat

It's the best way to win CUBES. Each X you send, you will get 1 CUBES. Each Post you send, you get between 1 or 10 CUBES, according to the RoomInfo.

limit : After 6 X in less than a minute, CUBES are not send. Why ? because some user try to win CUBES by sending empty X to everybody... Same limit for posts...

For rooms, another thing to know : you can delete you own post. In these case, you will loose CUBES you have won for this post. But if your post is deleted by the RoomAide or a Sysop, you will loose TWICE the CUBES you have won !!

4. Hand over CUBES

You can receive CUBES from another user... anyone can hit <Shift-H> or <Shift-M><h> to send CUBES to another. Note : If anyone can send CUBES to you, you can send CUBES to anyone too !!!

5. Bank

You can put CUBES to the bank. This CUBES will be blocked for ONE month, but you will win 5% interest ! Warning, adding CUBES during the period reset the end of the locked period, all interest is lost and your money is blocked for one new month !!

6. The bank robbery

It's a dishonest way to win CUBES.... but you can try ! Warning, the Police is looking..... You must have more than 2500 CUBES available (bank or stock not considered here). Then, be lucky... a randomly generated number is choosen, if this number is less than 67, you loose all your available CUBES (you keep your CUBES in bank and stock, of course...). If the number is bigger than 67, you can win between 1000 and 10000 CUBES, added to your money !! Useful if you like risks...

7. stocks

Easiest, but not sure, it's the BBS Stocks Exchange. You can buy between 1 and 255 stock from 20 big companies. Theses stocks are virtual, but value is real !! Values are gotten from Wall Street, using 1 dollar = 1 CUBES... Using stock, you can win a lot or loose all in one little minute !! Look at the stock you want to buy...

8. Casino : Roulette

It's really a money game.... put CUBES to a combination, launch the roulette.... and pray ! If your combination wins, you can get between 2 and 36 times the CUBES you play !!! You can play twice per game... To play, hit <Shift-S><1>.

9. Casino : Poker

This is the last BBS Game. The only really MULTIPLAYER GAME !! You can play with 4 others players... you can win if you're lucky.... warning, you will be able to loose all too ! No credit !.. warning ! Try this game, and you might have problems leaving it !!! If you are sure you want to play, hit <Shift-S><2>.

This is all you have to know about CUBES Games.... If you want to know more, read help files or ask a Sysguide !

10. Bonus

In October 2005 a bonus system was introduced that allows particularly active users to further increase their amount of CUBES by any month's end. The bonus is coupled to the writing of posts in special (discussion-)rooms that were selected by us, and to the participation in distributed computing projects (see room #390, "BOINC Projects Global Users"). The current list of rooms counting towards the bonus can be found in the room info of #186, "CUBES Game Room". In the distributed computing projects you receive so-called BOINC credits which are equivalent to postings in the ratio of 250:1 and are added to these. As soon as you have written more than 20 posts or post-equivalents in a month, you receive up to a maximum of 0.5% of your assets (maximal 20000 CUBES) a bonus of 0.0125% of your assets per further post or post-equivalent, payable at the end of the month. So... happy posting!

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